Watto's Junk Shop

(Natron) #1

I’ve been working on a small scene to put my Watto model in, tell me what ya’ll think. I still have some textures to add, more details to model and some composition tweaking. I will post updates as they become available.
Comments and critiques are welcome.



(bob_dog) #2

Let me be the first to say, “fantastic!” It looks great.

Perhaps Watto would look more interesting if he didn’t look so symetrical in his posture. ie Have his head turned a bit and his arms doing something. Just to give it a bit more life.

Motion blur on the wings looks great, btw.

(Detritus) #3

Looking good. Only crit is: Wattos skin looks a bit strange since there´s no bumpmap. It looks very flat. Otherwise, really good! I like your watto model and the backdrop!

(S68) #4

Very good light!

Only crit is in the wall modelling, there are some unbevelled joints, expecially on the left…


(stephen2002) #5

looking good. The big thing that I am noticing is that a lot of your textures look too low-res. Especially on Watto’s stomac and some of the counters were the texture is starting to strech.

(basse) #6

wow… love that light and textures…
why is he floating?

i dont see any bevelling problems on the joints…