Wave and Curve modifiers together

I want to deform a model using Curve modifier and curve with applied Wave effect. But it doesn’t work…
It looks that Wave modifier deforms only display of the curve, but not curve’s geometry. Curve deformed object doesn’t wave…
Is there workaround for this?


Then you need to animate the curve maybe.

Interesting, it smells like a bug to me! I’ll report it and see what the coder of that feature says…

I tried the latest Blender version and it still doesn’t work. “Waved” curve doesn’t deform object. Anyway, I noticed more parameters under wave modifier - I’ve tried to play with them but without succes. It looks that it is not possible to have animated curve deformation in blender (yet). :frowning:

What object type are you using?
I only ask because I was trying to do something similar with the text object and Blender would not do it until I converted the font to a mesh. If you are using a font, try converting it to a mesh.

Strange, I am using simple subdivided (mesh) cube…
Atom, do you have an example of your project? Does it still works with the latest Blender version?

Go ahead and collapse the sub divide by converting it to a mesh. This will remove the subdivide from the modifier stack. You want a mesh with no modifiers (I think…)

I would post a .blend file, however, I am holding out for the system admins to allow users to attach. blend files directly to a forum post (like an image). I don’t understand why they do not allow this. What’s the difference between a JPEG and A .BLEND? then everything is there with the posts. I would venture to guess that about half the links on this site no longer work anymore simply because people had to attach a file through some external system that is now defunct or mis managed.
PLease, sysadmin gods consider this request. Allow the attachement of .blend files and or .zips.

hi, Blender 2.45
add bezier curve, ctrl left click to make extra joined curves,
width, extrude, bevel set to 1
add modifier wave,
start time 0 end time 50
alt/a, object mode, works.
same settings on default cube, works.
convert curve to poly, bezier, nurb, works for all.
This also works (changes the geometry) by changing the frame numbers.
you can also copy the curve at a given frame number, then convert to mesh or just remove the wave modifier to save the geometry at any given frame/shape.
Edit, also curve converted to mesh, subsurf 1, still works but very resource hungry, animation preview renders at 1 frame per second. Each timeline move also takes time.

What I want to achieve is the following:

  1. I want curve with wave modifier applied (this works, it’s easy and I can see how it deforms instantly)
  2. Then, I want subdivided cube (that’s ok too - without modifier, just plain multi subdivide or knife with multicut)
  3. MOST IMPORTANT: I want to deform the cube (2) using CURVE modifier with curve which has wave modifier applied (1)

Result: Curve is waving but the cube doesn’t wave.
Obviously, waves displayed on the curve doesn’t deform the cube. There are only two features I really miss in blender: animated curve and surface deformation.

ok, sorry if i was a little off,
one workaround I found was to apply the curve modifier to the cube,
then apply the wave modifier to both objects
Modifiers don’t parent or copy to different object types.