Wave animation,,.....,...

I was having some good fun,
have a plane, bumps mapping and tranparent, rendererd in yafray,
under this plane is a sphere, and as the waves go over it , it gets disstorted

having quite a bit of fun, until something happened, see, i was having small waves for 200 frames, then they end and more start at 200 frames, and i was going to do really big wide waves at 1200 frames, i know there is not much point, but i like what i was doing, until blender would not allow the starting frame for the waves to go over 100 frames, which is dissapointing,

so why are there restrictions like this on blender,??

anyone know why, ???

will the next blender allow me to finish my animation??


set lifetime to 0 and your wave will go forever

i want to start a new wave at frame 1200, at i want it to last to frame 1400, but blender won’t let me start at frame 1200 because for some reason it only lets me start new waves at frame 1000

ah, you’re right. there might be a work around, depending on your scene - if the object doesn’t have other waves applied, you might make the part before the wave effect begins in one scene, and then render an other scene. just make the final keyframes for all objects of the first scene the starting keyframes of the second scene. render both and stitch them together in sequence editor.

if you want multiple waves, with one starting after frame 1000, i have no solution for you (so far)

yes, i will try some stuff out like you said, using the sequence editor,

anyways, why are there restrictions like this??

have any idea??

thanks anyway solmax

cheers !


It’s like the arbitrary 18000 frames restriction in the sequence editor or render settings. :wink:

yea. 18000, whys that then??

why does blender have so many restrictions??

It’s just an arbitrary number, really easy to change.