Wave Crest Progress

Following my heart attack I have been taking it easy and learning new techniques in Blender, and other packages.

Although I have been delayed in revealing Cog I have been going back to some of those nagging problems, like wave crests, that are so difficult to do in 3D (real-time fluid dynamics in version 34.2 of Blender?). I have uploaded a resent example of progress which is definitely worth pursuing. This utilizes both displacement, and Blender waves as well as manipulated procedural textures to give crests to the waves.


At the moment there are too many crests and I need to work on a way to reduce these on less active wave heights. Anyway, I am pleased to be back in circulation following my unexpected illness.


:o Glad to hear your OK, bet that was a scare, take it easy man :smiley:

Now let me have a look at those wave crests…


Didn’t knew that :expressionless: Take care and welcome back! Your works on waves are great, keep up the good work. Do you use the t_terrain texture plugin to parametrize foam on crests? Haven’t seen the video yet (am at work at the moment), though.

Have a good rest.

Glad you are better now, hopefully something like that won’t happen again.

And about your work. I just watched a clip of waves on your site and it is extremely good. I’ll have to try and learn how to do that :slight_smile:

Man that’s sweet, I myself haven’t tried ocean scenes so I may want to look into that.

Hope you’re OK! At least it gives you an excuse to play with Blender!!

Sorry to ear about your illness, hope now you’re right. :slight_smile:
Great work with that ocean! Honestly I don’t see too many crests, it looks really effective to me.


Hi Olivier and all,

Thanks for your kind words. I am feeling very well now. The example shown doesn’t use t_texture just inbuilt procedural textures. Mostly the cloud texture. There are 2 identical cloud textures. The first for bump and displacement and the other adjusted in the texture menu to increase contrast and lightness and also mapped to emit in the material. The amount is adjusted down with the DVar slider so the crests don’t glow too much. The plane on which it is mapped has been subdivided quite a bit to get a good displacement but I have added a double Wave effect to add further disturbance to the water.

Although the number of crests may look ok on this small square if it’s tiled to the whole ocean it looks like boiling water rather than the sea. Since creating this example I have come up with a way to randomly cut down on the number or crests. I will post that soon.


As promised I have uploaded 2 improved wave crest movies that develop my idea further. The first is 320x180 and the second 640x360.


I have introduced a random variation so that the crests are not so pronounced. This entire effect uses some very simple techniques and I will create a tutorial once I have completed the 2nd Cog Revealed trailer.


:o Thats Looking really good, will you be sharing the settings for this or is this for personal use on your project. :slight_smile:


Don’t worry Ken I will be sharing those settings. I’m a bit busy at the moment completing the 2nd Cog Revealed trailer so the tutorial has to go on the back burner for the moment.


I love what you’re doing here cog.
Looking at your site, you not only intend to create an independent film using Blender, but you’re very happy to help educate others on how to solve real-world cg film problems using Blender.

I notice you already have a couple of pdfs on your site as tutorials and I’m hoping (quite selfishly) that there are more as you progress.

I too would love to make a movie or film clip using Blender, but my modelling, texturing and lighting suck too much to start on animation. One day though…