wave effects

is there anyway to make a realstic wave effect without subdividing the mesh many times?

probably not

you can use the new simple sub-surf thing

The best way is the displacement mapping. Yuo must create the plane , scale it , and subdivide it several times.(more subdivides , better waves).
Then add 4 textures to it. Two marble or clouds for little ripples and two big wood hard textures and make to it the displacement in the material properties. For little ripples the little displacement and for big waves the big displacement. Then in IPO Editor of Materials make moving to each texture. Then make the material for this plane with biult in YAFRAY to it was like the water and render it and you’ll get the wonderful and realistic water.

Note that realistic water can only be achieved with yafray :wink:

thanks, but how do i get all 4 materials to show up at the same time?

he said add 4 textures, not for materials