wave modif

i /m trying to redo a wave modifier but having some problem
and i did put a vgroup name
does the plane n eed to be subdivied or not ?
this is not indicated in the wiki page

i got another file with this wave and i can see it on viewport front
so i should work but it is not in this new file and with 2.47

on new file i cannot see the wave on the screen viewport is this normal ?
what is wrong with this modfiier?
any help appreciated

Yes, the plane needs to be sub-divided a few times to see the wave. Also, since the wave changes over time, you may need to advance your current frame.

ok got it - it’s too bad that it is not indicated in the wiki page!

i played with it and get the results i wanted to see
ar rectilinear wave or circular one but need to play with frame numbers to get it