wave modifier formula for number of frames for 1 period

Hi there,
I figured out how to calculate the wave modifier settings, so that one period takes X frames. I thought i post that here, because maybe somebody can use that (via forum or even websearch).

I wanted to exactly define the duration in frames for one period (max amplitude to max amplitude) (for example for music visualization purposes), I devised a simple formula to enter in the values.

The problem was, that both “width” and “speed” influence the duration of one period. What I wanted to do is say, I want one period to be 30 frames apart, what values must i enter?

So basically you do this: You define how wide the waves shall be apart, and leave that value there (width).

Then you define how much frames (f) a period should take, eg. 24 frames.

Then all you need is the values for the speed (s) setting.

You get it like this: s= 2/f*w, fill in f and w, youre done. Your waves are now 24 frames apart.

Also because the “speed” value was saught, you may find the thing too slow or too fast. In that case you first settle on a speed you like and then add in the values and solve for the width w. In that case the formula would be w=s*f/2.

Have fun :slight_smile:

little thing i used it for:

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