Wave texture in a Material nodes setup: how to 'blur' or 'soften' it?

I want to use a Waves texture to add some stripey ridges, subtly, to a fingernail’s glossiness. The Waves makes bands or rings that have high contrast.

How can I soften or blur the texture? I want blurry, soft-edged stripes.

In general, I’d just like to know how to blur or soften any texture in a materials node. It’d be great if I could see it when editing it, but the only way I know is to render and rerender over & over.

Using it in a nodes-based material in Cycles, blender 2.74.



Just run the texture colour output through a colour ramp node. You can then make the waves as hard or as subtle as you like.

I meant to thank you for that. :slight_smile: