Wave texture problems (interferenz?)

I´m trying to create a simple “3d Printed look” by using the wave texture. But if Iincrese the scale value of the texture, the direction changes ??? Does anybody have an idea how to solve this problem? thanks ;D

This is a sort of “optical illusion”, I am not sure if it is due to Blender, the way graphic cards represent this sort of pattern, human perception or a bit of all. There are many examples of optical illusions with parallel lines in 2d graphics on the internet. When you have a very fine texture with a repetitive pattern distortions appear depending on the zoom and viewing angle, if you zoom in you will see that the lines are actually parallel. If you zoom out you will see the distortions change.

I had a similar problem with a hexagonal honeycomb texture.
The only solution I found was to make the scale a bit bigger, or to change the viewing angle.

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Thanks Norman for the fast answer. I found a solution wich is similar to your zooming example. I had to increase the rendersolution (in this case to 8000x4000pics), render the picture and decrease the resolution in Photoshop afterwards… Maybe not the best way, but it worked ;D

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If that helped, then it might have been the Render properties > Sampling. Did you change something there?
My defaults are 64/16 (eevee) or 128/32 (cycles).

Yes that is another one, I think a big part of the problem is Blender not knowing which shade to render a pixel when there are too many possibilities it probably does an average. So resolution defiantly has an effect and as Tachtian says sampling will probably have an effect as well. The same thing does happen in general with other programs and also to our eyes.

yes i tried different samplecounts (1000+), but this unfortunately dosn´t change anything

You could also use Color Ramp node as it gives good results.