Wavefront OBJ Blender export into Cinema4D

Hey guys,

I’m just getting started in Cinema4D and I have a question about importing geometry. At the moment I can model really well in Blender, and for the time being I don’t see any need to learn all of the nooks and crannies of another 3D package’s modeling process. I’m wondering though, what’s the best way to go about getting Blender meshes into Cinema4D for animation and material application?

It’s a little embarrassing to mention that I don’t even know enough Cinema4D to know if it has anything analogous to Blender’s Object and Edit modes for manipulating geometry, but I’d like all objects carried over and to remain separate. I’ve messed around a bit with Blender’s Export Wavefront OBJ script and that works well, I was able to get my model into Cinema, but I just can’t help but feel as though this is some kind of a “cheat,” not using Cinema’s modeling tools. That’s kind of another issue altogether, but I fear if I was working with a studio of some measure they’d question why I’d need to create assets in another package.

Thanks a lot,