Wavefront .obj file not importing correctly. Not clipping problem

So, when I import the .obj file it is, as others have stated, just a little orange selection dot that you can’ t zoom in or out of to see.

I have adjusted the clipping to 10000 heck a million and I still can’t see the object.

I’ve got a copy of the model as a 3ds file but I can’t select the object when imported this way.

Any ideas for a solution? I’d post screens but I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s just a little orange selection dot.

I’d appreciate any help.

If you supply an OBJ file (or link thereto) I’ll take a whack at it.

Did you adjust the clipping of the camera or of the 3dview? Last one is found under 3dview properties panel (N)

Thanks for the tip! But… it didn’t seem to work.

FIXED IT!!! I had to set the clipping to a million…

I took a look…

What you might consider is rescaling and relocating the objects once they’re in Blender. In Blender Imperial units, the trailer was approximately 228 miles long and located about four and a half miles east of the origin. :slight_smile:

After importing, you can fix it like this:

  • with your mouse pointer in the 3D view…
  • hit the ‘N’ key to bring up the properties side panel
  • find the Transform section
  • set Scale for X, Y, and Z to .0035
  • in the Location part, set X, Y, and Z all to 0

This assumes a 48-foot trailer (guess-timated from the height of the door). You should be good to go.

That means that your object is huge and that you need to scale it down. To have seen the whole object before hand, make sure it is selected and hit numpad . to center selected.