wavefront obj importer : uvmap problem

Sent by a user on a french forum:


The pict disappears again from the http source . Here a copy :

I do not use the blender wavefront obj importer script and I have not the obj file responsible of the fault . Other problems with lscm unwrap and blender 234 were signaled too…

Can you send me the link? -I assume thsi is my OBJ code your talking about-

just to report that ideasman one imports well UVs, in case speaking about it.

or it did to me…

maybe the big two chunks lacking in the left are those minimal chunks ? maybe they got another scale like if they were like other groups/objects?

is the only thing I could think of…

Ideasman plugin import well into Blender in my machine, no coords lost…

Here, try this script instead:


It was written by a friend of mine because every obj script I’ve used as been terrible with UV’s in some instances. I don’t know if it’s because the mesh I’m working on is larger, or what, but this script works for me. I don’t know if he’s released it somewhere else, this is my copy. His nick is Surphaze.

This script is nice, but I have tested my OBJ exporter with 55 obj files from the net as well as files that originaly didnt work. Use the OBJ i/o from the CVS- Currently all bugs in the bugtracter have been fixed.

Also- Object/Group names are imported correctlt.