waves go black

I have made some cheap none GLSL waves but they go black.
I have got them to ungelate by scaling them in an animation between 1 and -1 using IPOs.
Tried using twoside but makes no difference
Any idea whats happening???
Blend here http://www.weedicom.co.uk/temp/waves.blend

Well? Perhaps taking the scale below zero flips the mesh inside out? I know its a plane and it cant flip inside out, but maybe along those lines.

I know what you’re saying but…

  1. Why?!
  2. but I want it to work be cause I can’t think of another way of doing it

hey Larryboy,

It’s the Use Blender Materials that’s screwing you up. Turn that off. Delete the UV Texture (Buttons Menu >> Editing >> Mesh >> UV Texture). Then UV map it again.

but light doesn’t work (not that you need it) and I guess it means nothing in my scene can use blender materials…
Is that a bug???


Hey Larryboy,

You can use blender materials if you want. Delete the UV map. Add a material. Add a texture (texture type none). UV Map it again.

First, thanks for your help
Second, I am still confused but I have something that does what I want…
Third, be careful what you wriute when you get back from the pub

In the end I don’t understand what is different:
I am using blender materials … the only thing that doesn’t seem to work is ‘iight’…
In antcase I have realised a tour de force in realistic water…

What? Cant you just add a new uv tex, and then add the material, with the first uv tex as the none and the second one in the second slot?

I must be thinking of something else.

Also larryboy, you can use the materials, but you have to bake them, and use them as uv mapped images.

Sorry I was talking rubbish in that reply… to eager to get to the pub.
It seems its the ‘light’ button that doesn’t work when the mesh is scale in a negative direction and that confused me…
Think thats what was going on anyway