waves rolling on to the beach

How do i do it?
doesn’t have to be that realistic.
found waves and beaches on the forum but not waves rolling in to the beach
as a beginner it has to be simple for me to do it!


Have you toyed with the Wave modifier?

Used for these stills - but can also be used for animation.

Pic 1
Pic 2

Also, check out Cogfilms - some of the best ocean tutorials.

I will give it a try.
remembering that waves flatten as they reach the beach

I have been playing around with this… I still havent gotten satisfactorly results. I have tried different methods. (1. Array of planes animated with empties and hooks 2. Armatures animated with constraints. 3. B-spline animated and formed into a mesh (still need to work on this) 4. armatures and lattices together) Siggraph had a great paper on surf’s up how they did their waves lots of ideas there.