Waves size in dynamic paint simulation

So I’m working on an animation of an Orca whale gliding through the water and I decided to use dynamic paint waves to simulate the rippling of the water as the whale passes through it. The problem is, when I baked the dynamic paint sim I found out the standing waves coming off the whale are creating too big of waves that are drowning out the smaller waves. You can see the video I made of the animation here: https://vimeo.com/241356881/10648bdf5f

I got it to work before when the waves coming off the orca were much smaller as you can see in this earlier form of the animation: https://vimeo.com/203394519. You’ll notice in this version of the animation the waves coming perpendicularly off the orca are much more subtle and fit in with the other waves. My question is: how do you get the waves to be more in balance like this video shows? I got it to work before but I don’t know what I did to make the waves not be as in balance. Has anyone had experience with dynamic paint waves?