I am currently working on a ship, that wil be placed in water, and then ground onto a beach…
(obviously an animation)

I am wondering if anyone had found a fairly accurate way of simulating “real looking” waves with the fluid sim, my tries aren’t working very well… (rez @200)


When you mean waves what kind do you mean??? COG has some good ocean tutorials. And there is a tutorial in 3d World Issue 85 I think. Its got some of it online.

I want to figure out how to make some waves tubbing out and crashing…

i would like to see waves on the shore one day with blender

Does the “Wave” modifier not work?

BTW…you might have problems with the fluid sim…it is not designed to simulate large bodies of water.

If all else fails, use particles

Yes, I am looking for waves breaking on the bow of a ship, waves on the shore, and good ocean waves.

I’m just finishing a short (4 second) sample animation of the Cutty Sark. I used the cog tutorials which are pretty excellent and added a wave modifier for a bit more movement. I’m just finishing off with a bit of particle spray and that’s what’s doing my nut in at this very second! So close now though…

Anyway, I’d definitely recommend cog all the way!

Ive hit a road block, I need to have the ocean with 5(ish) foot waves, but the ship also needs to leave a wake… :\

Anyone seen a good way to do this, the cog tutorial final isn’t real enough.

5 foot waves should be easy to achieve with the wave modifier.

For the wake on my animation, I created a looping texture so the shape of the wake would alter slightly over time. I set it’s map input to the boat object and to make it follow the boat. To create the texture I used Photoshop and MorphX (which is free).

Hopefully that should do it.

could you post some pics?

There’s a version of the movie (all four and a half seconds of it) here


And here’s a larger still. My wake effect’s more like a foamy disturbance around the boat, but the same method could work for a trailing wake.