waving textures

i’ve already asked this question and i thought i solved it, but i guess not:
when i texture something, if i transform it in any way, it starts waving and distorting when i move the camera or in a game. when i restart blender its fine, but such a waste of time. any idea whats going on?

anyone home? :frowning:

Sound like you have not mapped it correctly.

Are you using Orco or UV?

How about an image or BLEND post or something?

Are you sure the texture is not “swimming” when it translates. Or is it flickering…

I’m using uv.
and swimming is exactly the word for it… when you look at it from afar it looks ok, but if you go close, it starts swimming all over the place. i think it’s mapped correctly, because this only happens if i transform something. and when i restart blender it’s fine.