Wavy effect

Helloo :smiley: !Is it possible to do something like this:create a mesh with an alpha texture and when you look through it , it makes the view kinda wavy - for instance , when you look above the fire where the air is hot , the view behind it is really wavy , And ive noticed that this effect is also used in the new Doom 3(really good game , the second best first person game (Halo still rules in my head :wink: ))In doom 3 this happens , when rockets and barrels explode…

Hope you understood what effect im talking about :smiley: !

it isn’t possible in blender

… it just isn’t

doubtful- the only way i can think of would be to, when the barrel explodes, make a camera at the loction of the barrell, point it directly away from the main game camera. take that view, apply some sort of ripple, and use that as a texture of a billboard plane created at the location of the second camera, all in realtime. not possible.

Hmm , sad :frowning: ,but i have another idea.Can there be a magnifying effect instead of the wavy effect when you look through the alpha object? - with that it is still possible to make something close to it(with the help of add object).

it could be done in other methods… you should look for a tutorial by “[email protected]” about matrix’s bulets effect… it could com handy here too.

Hey , @ner , bullseye - thats what i need this effect for :smiley: .Ten points :smiley: .Where is it(trying to find it , but have no idea where it could be).

@ner was speaking about a sequence plugin that does the displacement

[I can’t load the whole page, but my net connection is wiggy right now]

this isn’t for the game engine, and cannot be rigged to work reasonably

Sad , and it looks so good :x ! So the magnifieing thing wouldnt work in gameengine too , huh?

hhmm there isascript that creates an underwater effect i cant remember exactly. sorry.

Jd-Multi made it. Ask him about it.

Yep, you can find it here: http://www.blendedreality.nl.tt/blendedreality/sources.html
The site isn’t officially releases yet, but well you can visit the beta right now to test. Soon I’ll have a bug, load problems report on the website, and in 2005 it will be launched if I can finish it on that time.

There are just another 79 sources underway to that source page, keep an eye open for release :slight_smile:
(BTW: source not tested with 2.35 ‘YET’)

i just tested it, and it work! nice script!