Wavy sand bank...

I have a model for a game mod I’m planning, it’s a pyramid.


I want to add a strip of sand on the bottom of the pyramid, but for some reason I can’t think of a way to go about modeling it. Any ideas?

Metablobls? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d use a bump map (large cloud texture) on a subdivided plane, with just enough subdivisions to move the edge of the plane up or down to match the bump map. Then delete everything hidden by the pyramid to keep the poly count down.

LOTR Junkie,

  1. That looks really hawt
  2. I wanna try out that mod as soon as its out! Or i wont forgive you :wink:
  3. Bump map idea sounds good :slight_smile: I guess instead of a cloud texture you could use a desert picture set to B&W. or some such thing. Oh and of course a noise thingie.

Hmm, don’t know if I’ll use that exact method, but you’ve given me an idea to try. Thanks.

Well Ive done some tweaking on my own and heres what I got :


I’m quite happy with the result, I usually suck at anything involving textures.

In the unlikely case you wanna know how I did it, feel free to ask :slight_smile: If for once I can help you I will hehe

Looks good, but also looks poly heavy. How did you do it? Here is my attempt so far. Look ok?


Looks much better than mine. And yeah its polygon heavy, its basically a subdivided plane with subsurf modifier, onto which i used THIS to make the little wavy details, and a clouds texture to make the elevations in the sand.


The first Tex, is the image I linked to earlier. All you have to do in un-check Col, and check Disp. The second Tex is the clouds texture (Size 550, and depth of 1). the third is the grainy stuff i added after (wasnt in the original render)