wavy texture after adding subserf

Hi all

It is one of my first test on blender so i am totaly new to 3d modeling, after adding a subserf modifier my texture is ‘wavy’ and there is also a small border around the texture where i can’t reach the edge of the coin, can someone give me a hint how to flaten the surface of the coin an get rid about the small corner ?

RG and thx in forward

You need to get rid of those triangles first and make it quad only. That way the subdivision surface won’t distort the edges. Start with a mesh circle with low vertex count (I had 12) and extrude (E) your shape. To get the last bit in the middle, fill (F) to make an edge or face. Fill can also convert two selected triangle faces to quad face.

Use UVs to align the texture correctly.
In edit mode, top view (np_7) select at least the top vertices of your coin and press U -> project from view (bounds). Then add material and that image texture to it, coordinates as UV.

Hey JA12 :rolleyes:

Bingo ! Using quads did the trick and another fail i did was not to apply the subsurf modifier, it was in preview mode, also using low vertex count was a good suggestion, thx !