Way of the Ninja - WIP/Early concept

So I’ve decided I want to really learn to use the BGE. With all the recent improvements and the upcoming Apricot release, it seems like high time to strike while the iron’s hot. I’ve been cooking up this idea for awhile now after noticing the lack of action games for the BGE. What I’m looking to do is in the vain of the N/N+ games.

The overall concept is that you play as a ninja, the levels will be sidescrolling but 3d generated (like the newer Castlevania games on the DS). Your ninja character will be highly acrobatic (that’s where the N/N+ inspiration comes in), but unlike N, you will be able to attack. I’m drawing up designs of levels based on a mixture of the Contra style of design with a flavor of Metal Gear solid texturing and lighting. As far as the enemies are concerned, they will be Contra based as well (read: brutal). But considering what I have in mind for attacks (running attacks, jumping attacks, instant kill attacks as well as standing combos), they should be more a challenge rather than an annoyance.

I haven’t come up with a story line yet, but if any of you are interested in this idea, I could use help. Particularly in animation and logic brick setups/python scripting. So if you’d like to hop on the bandwagon, leave a comment or send me a message and I’ll respond as soon as I can. I state once again though that I’m using this as a point of accelerated learning for the BGE, I’m not even sure I expect to succeed, but if something good comes out of this, I’d be very pleased. (That’s me sidestepping the crushing hand of Social, heh)

Wrong thread. This should be posted in the Works in Progress, Game Demos, and Finished Games thread.

Woops, that’s where I thought I was, sorry. If a mod can move this over to the WIP thread, I’d be grateful. Apparently drinking last night killed the part of my brain that pays closer attention.

Sweet. Sounds awesum. hope all turns out well and if you need help with anything except scripting or texturing ill help. if your still doing this that is, im a bit late XD.