Way of the Wizard

A new year, a new image :slight_smile: This one’s called The Way of the Wizard:


<edit>Here’s an alternate render (less saturation, a few more details) in case people miss the update post below.</edit>

Post processing has been done, namely burning and blurring some of the texture in the background, increasing contrast, a Gaussian pass to eliminate jaggies, a saturation increase of about 10%, and some manual hue variations on the wizard’s clothes. This was created in Blender 2.31a (a slightly older unofficial binary where you could still alter the softness for raytracing lamps - glad I kept it :wink: ).

Hope you like it. Happy new year everyone!


Neat! How’d you get the visible light beam thingies shooting off the top of the staff?

Halo material with Lines and Star activated and Add up to 1.0 :wink: There’s a ray lamp right behind the top of the staff to illuminate that area of the cavern and the side of the wizard too.


Here’s an alternate render - less saturation, some more postprocessed texturing, details. Someone over at cgtalk actually thought the first render was a digital painting :wink: I had to postprocess the additional details because I apprently didn’t save the cavern texture settings properly (they were mostly procedurl), so now I have to redo all that again :-? oh well, all in a day’s blend… :slight_smile:


Looks great robert, I like that beard.

Thanks, Modron. It was a little tricky to model.
Happy new year :slight_smile:


I love the cave texture, but something in the wizard (especaily the hat and coat) looks like it was painted in photoshop - change the material.

Looks almost like a painting.
The wizard is very nice, especialy the beard. But his pose looks a little odd. What is he up to?
The cave is much to red.

@ner: Thanks. I used the sharpen and saturation brushes on it to lift the blue/purple hues from the procedural texture assigned to his clothes. I added a brown strap across his top in postprocessing though.

thorwil: Thanks. When I lowered red levels it didn’t look so good. He’s at the entrace of a cave said to be filled with dangers, or something like that :stuck_out_tongue: Mischief is probably what he’s up to :wink:

Thanks for checking this out, and happy new year to all of you.


Looks great. Do you think you could fiddle a little with his hands. The lenght of his fingers don’t seem to be correct. Other than that really a great picture! :slight_smile:

postprocessing is nice,.
but otherwise, it’s a bit a step back.
(modelling wise)


Jerri: Thanks. I could revisit his hands.

basse: Thanks re the pp. Do you mean a step back from my other work? I have tremendous respect for your work and opinions, so let me know. I appreciate your honesty.