Way to check if any quads are invalid (face needs to be trinagulated)?

Is there a way in Blender to check if any quads after verticles modifications in the model needs to be triangulated?

I have just made a lot of proportional-edit touches to the model, and now im struggling to find all the quads that have those awkward invalid faces, to triangulate them.

Is there a way to like select all the invalid quads? Im searching and searching and cant find any.

mesh -> clean up -> split concave faces.

Thanks, gonna try it!
Also whats the difference between concave faces and non-planar faces?

Ok found it. For any one who googled here:

  • Non-planar faces are for exapmle quads that dont have all of its vertises on the same plane.
  • Concave faces look like this (helps if you are not native english speaker):

    So basically concave face is a face that would make it possible to draw a line between some of its vertises trough other, nearby face resulting in problems.

Oh and a follow-up question: The split non-planar faces feature have an option with an angle.
When modeling for game engine is it important to have this threshold angle set to 0 degrees or the 5 degress default is optimal?

“Concave” faces are often also called “degenerated quads”