Way to create the geometrical facets of a ring

Hi there!

I’m trying to model a geometrical facet ring in blender. A bit like this:

I tried a lot of different methods, but nothing is really what I like. Is there an easy way to create the facets?

Thank you for your time!

like this?

Oew! Yeah nice, thank you so much! I really like the randomness. It can be a bit thicker and with a bit more facets. How did you do that or what can google to learn this?

make a tube: your ring

Paint vertex weight on outer faces

Add a displace texture set to global coords and voronoi and pick yr vertex group.

Add a subsurf


Thank you so much! I’m so happy with your tip!
Its beginning to get some shape.
The only thing is that the faces are still square, I’d like to have them pentagon shape. Is that a problem with blender because I saw it likes to work with 3 or 4 cornered faces.


Yeah, looks like you need a subdivision surface modifier before yr displace.

ring.blend (955.0 KB)

I made that in a daily build of Blender 3.0

It should work.

but if not…

hope this helps

O woow! Amazing how you’re helping me!
This is what I’ve made from your tips.
To get the lines of the facets more sharp and crisp its just a mater of trying to tweak the feature weights first second third and fourth?
Thank you so much so far!