Way to Reduce No. of or make some of the Fracture Pieces Disappear?

Hi, Imagine a stone falling away to reveal a diamond inside. This is what I am trying to achieve. I am using a Fracture Modifier to do this. Now for my question.

I have fractured the stone 400x. I’e tried lower numbers and they fracture into pieces that are too large.
So after the pieces crumble there are still “too many pieces”. I realize the amount of pieces are dependent on the size of the object but visually there are too many around the diamond to make it look realistic IMO.

Q. Is there any way to have some of the pieces “disappear” or dissolve" so the final image doesn’t show all of the pieces? Could this be done with a modifier or a physics simulation?

Did you find a solution?

Looking at the screen shot it looks like the outer object has some volume, so you get all the inner fractured pieces too. What I would do is create a shell using the solidify modifier and then fracture that.

stevecullum Thanks for the reply. Yes I tried that and it did create less pieces but they looked like an egg shell whereas I wanted more chunky pieces if that makes sense.