Way to render before frame 0?

Hi, i wondered if there is a way to start a render at frame -800 for exemple ?
I would like to add something before the current beginning of my animation.
I know i can just move all my animation, but there’s a lot of complex rigged elements, keyframes in materials, nodes, camera, influences bones, shape keys etc and i don’t want to risk wasting it (i’m not sure all is selectable in one time)

If the answer is no, why is there negatives keyframes seeable in the Timeline and the possibility to animate it, if it can’t be rendered?
Thanks you!

Just move the keyframes. Negative frames are for more specialized purposes such as lettings sims initialize and resolve to a good starting state.

Alright i see. Then is there a way to move ALL the keyframes of the scene at the same time ? (including influences of modifiers, nodes on materials etc ?) I know how to select all objects + rigs but it not include this type of keys

You could also just leave it as is and create another scene(not talking about creating a new blend file btw). Then bring them together via the sequence editor you know(that is you create a third scene where you do your ‘sequence editing’).

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Yes i think it’s what i’ll do, will be the simpler. Thanks you for the quick help!

The late great film producer Alfred Hitchcock referred to “editing” as “assembly.” And I think that term is much more accurate. You render scenes (“footage” …), then you assemble the pieces to make the final presentation(s).

“I can’t draw,” so that’s how I do “previsualization.” The roughest possible stand-ins, nevertheless carefully “to scale,” are worked-out and actually a lot of assembly work is done using them before I settle upon what actually needs to be rendered.