Hi Guys,
I creating a minigame like a mission in a game, called Modern Warfare 2 (The Mission is Cliffhanger). You must climb up a rock with an Ice pick.
So i imagine:
I create Waypoints where the ice pick should hit the rock.
You understand?
Sorry for my bad english.
But how do i do this?


Create invisible cubes (or empties) and place them for the waypoints. If you want to navigate to those waypoints, you’ll have to rotate the character towards the next waypoint, then move him upwards and call that point as being moved over, allowing movement only to the next waypoints.

And how can i do that?

I would think creating a python list that contain the waypoint names from first to last would do the trick (using a property to move through the list one item at a time when conditions are met)

More info on lists here

Better way.

Put a property “node” on each of the nodes with an integer (or string) containing information about the node (depends on how you want to set it up)

Write a startup script that loops through all the objects in the scene (just do a for in loop on the object list in the scene) and throw all the objects that return the node property and give the entry in the dictionary whatever value the node property has.

Then you’ve built your list. Now build a tree structure using lists (or dicts) and connect the nodes together so that you know that node 1 connects to node 2 and node 18 or so connects back to one (in a basic loop) maybe 6,7, and 8 connect to 5, so when the enemy is at 5 he chooses between the three.

I don’t know how else I can explain it, but I should’ve given you enough info to come up with something :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure the best way to do a tree structure would be using a dict and connecting it like this:

{node1 : {2,3}}

that means that 2 and 3 connect to one :slight_smile:

Wow my bad, I didn’t even read your post. hahahahha I thought you were referring to to waypoints in AI (don’t name a thread something so misleading!) well… now you know how to do waypoints for AI :slight_smile:

python is not my best^^
Must i use python or is there a another way?


Yes you’re going to have to use python.

I believe the former member known as Mmph! posted a waypoint system that used only logic bricks years ago.

Even then if it showed it was possible you’d need tons of bricks tangled in multi-object setups, definitely not a good thing if you want to keep your logic organized.