Ways of attaching armatures to a model

anyone who knows how to attach an armature to a model besides using weight paint

you could just parent the object to the bone, but in all actuality your still weight painting, just with a weight of 1 applied to the whole model.

If you are looking for other ways to move the model I could recommend shape keys
Wiki tutorial example

Most people use shape keys for facial rigs and muscle constraints (so when they bend the elbow for example, they make the model change shape so it doesn’t look really bendy)

If you can maybe show a picture of what your trying to attempt or post a rig,I can assure you there will be a lot of people here on BlenderArtists.org that will be happy (or even act grouchy :stuck_out_tongue: ) that are willing to help you.

Go to the wiki and look up both “envelopes” and the “mesh deform” modifier. Envelopes are probably what you’re looking for – simple, visual, pretty fast.

If you use Bone Heat weighting when ‘attaching’ the armature, you may be satisfied with the automatic results it gives.

thnks everyone i’ve managed to master wait painting sorry for such a late reply i was still busy with something else in c++