Ways to do hair in cycles?

Heya =3

Since hair particles don’t work with cycles, i’m wondering if anyone has any other good techniques for making hair (at least semi-realistic looking) in cycles? Besides converting hair particles to a mesh that is.


There’s really no good way to do it right now aside from converting to a mesh, and that really isn’t worth it without tangent shading. You could composite from BI, but that’s a juggling act. It will really come down to a strand/ribbon primitive and an efficient way to trace against it. It more than likely won’t be something that happens soon.

but it can work if you use hair with objects

for the rest of particules it will be only next year in cycles!

look at cgcookie grass tut given last week !


Could I have a link please?

see tut under the video at top
a few pages long but worht to test