ways to model a projection screen

Hey guys thanks for the lighting tutorials and tips. Now i am stuck with yet another problem, how to model a realistic projection screen, like one of those futuristic touch screens?

thanks for the help !


i dont get what you meen could you post a pic of what u meen


something like this :slight_smile:

You would probably use Alpha for this. Make the material and name it. Add two textures. You would make one a color and another alpha. If it is going to change around, make sure it is an animation (AVI) that you load in and have the movie button depressed along with the frame settings. The Alpha one would be the exact same texture, but grayscale. Like for this, you could have the background a darker grey, maybe 20%, while the buttons would be something like 50%. Back in the material buttons, set them the way that is needed. Also make sure ZTransp is turned on.

Tell me if I missed anything.


thanks! just gonna be a still picture haha

Oh. It’s still the same, just minus the animated texture part. Again, if you have any trouble just ask. :slight_smile:


Also to make it look as if lit by projection or whatever I would turn on emit a bit.


I remember as I was typing the general steps to add “raise the emit value, also”. I guess I forgot. Thanks for catching me. :smiley:


thanks, i guess i’ve been out of using blender for too long…asking all these silly questions…