WAYYYY OFF TOPIC...Hellgate anyone?

Okay so this is going to be wayyy off topic with blender


Hellgate.t3fun.com just released their hellgate game, and i was wondering if anyone wanted to play with me? its free just like blender (only problem is its a WHOPPING 5GIGs of download)

But it goes pretty fast, and if you disable most of the anistropic filtering, and put all the graphics at low, it runs really fast ":smiley:

if you are gonna play, add me! evilmoonmoos (sadly my account only could hold 12 letters, so thats not a typo)


I have, well had, hmm still have a lifetime account for Hellgate London. It was a nice game when it came out 4 years ago, got boring fast and went bankrupt. I doubt with a F2P model and the addition of Tokyo it will prevail…