WC #102 Entry: "Gus Finds Love"

It’s my first entry ever, and first finished project too… anyhow here it is.

The theme is “Odd Couple”. Hope you like it. :smiley:

I know the rose looks edgy- I did that on purpose, thank you…

Good idea!

thank you :smiley:

I kinda like it. Though you migh want to fix that shadow :wink:

Gus’ shadow? Maybe you’re missing the point. :wink: If you mean the ugly greenish gradient… than I dont know what to do :frowning:

I purposely faked his shadow so it wouldnt follow his form.

Guess you missed the wink

If you mean the ugly greenish gradient… than I dont know what to do

About the greenish thing - try selecting the plane (?) in question and press “set smooth”… it may help (the other thing is checking for the spot light - maybe its buffered or with very low values?)

He shouldnt fix the shadow. The point is Gus has fallen in love with his own shadow. :-?

Yeah sorry I missed that, Fraser :slight_smile:

Haha, I love this kind of stuff…good job!


Thank you! :smiley:

lol i didn’t even notice the shadow :smiley: very cool pic :slight_smile:

How can you not get that he has fallen in love with himself, ie: his shadow. I think it is brilliant. I love how you changed and adapted that early tutorial. This is gorgious!


Thanks again everyone! It really doesnt deserve that though- go look at some of robertt’s stuff. Far better than this 15 minute piece of… … :slight_smile:

I love it. You instantly see the joke and the picture is stripped down to its essentials so that you can’t miss it. Very appropriate composition and lighting. (Obviously the banding in the spot can be cleaned up.)

Very clever, I love it, great job.

I think the banding looks good in the scene.


I would have congratulated you on a nice work & good idea even if I hadn’t heard it’s your first … and with that comes a : WOOWW!!! way to go!!

:expressionless: :expressionless: Wow didnt expect all the replies. Honestly- it’s not worth all the attention. Thanks, guys. I still feel small compared to robertt and @ndy etc though… :smiley: