WC#103:: Cyberpunk

In this pic I used for lighting AO, three sun lights and one area lamp. to creat the translucency effct I made a second almost transperent layer to the body (can be seen in the bigger version), but mostly the effect is the result of the lighting. The body is MH base. The dog is mine. All textures but the dog a procedural. A mild PP was done to correct the colors. I hope it enters the pure category.


C&C me.
thanks in advance : Aner

Very nice skin, and I expecially like the materials for the transparent eyeware!


@ner, very good pic!

I thought about making something like this (the transparent texture and stuff) - but I didn’t…

How did you made the skin? very convincing!

This render has a great feeling. At first it seems a bit basic, but when you study it, everything is very well done. Good work!

I like it, the skin looks nice.

thank you all! shul, much of this skin is based on youre tutorial from blenerman, so double thanks here.
I’ve made a second version with more complex shiny thingy on the head and no pp at all so It’ll be pure blender.

for youre enjoyment:

much of this skin is based on youre tutorial from blenerman

That is very nice to hear, @ner, I like getting the credit :wink:

btw… I tried that mesh within a mesh thing once… didn’t do very well… what texture did you use for the outer mesh ?

Very beautiful render.

Awesome work! How did you make it so that you can see wire on some of the objects? I’ve always wondered.

for it to work you need to pay attention for two things in the material window:

  1. ztrans should be enabled.
  2. the shadows button should be disabled.

I used two tecniuqes:

  1. add a halo texture. in the maping tab (i think it’s called like that) enable z,z,z and nor. in the last tab (can’t remember the name) enable the alpha map. then decrease the alpha value of the whole matrial.
  2. there is a little button in the material window labled “wire” click it.

for the request of serveral people (shul, antiggo)

I really liked that one! The lighting and texturing is awesome! Thanks a lot for the blend! :smiley:

Great job!