WC 103 Identification procedure

This is my entry. I’m not really familiar with cyberpunk, so I had to improvise. :slight_smile: Everything was made from scratch in Blender. Some texture work and captions in GIMP. No other postprocessing.



Comments are always welcome.

/ Mattias

I like it. Maybe a tiny bit of bump for the circuits on the arm would be more realisitc.

Nice work.



I think that is a really cool idea. The only thing is, it seems a little on the green side, or is it supposed to be like that?


This is an awesome idea, I like it a lot.


The one thing that is bugging me on this image is that their is wires that don’t seem to go anywhere other then right back in his hand.

Wow, nice! :o

Is this supposed to be a real hand? Because it looks more like a green rubber glove. It would look more alive if the shadows and reflections on the skin were not so sharp.

I like the idea and the design of the scanner. The red light inside looks really cool.

Wow, very nice idea, good job.

Thanks for all the comments. :slight_smile:

block01cube: There is a tiny bit of bump on the circuits already, perhaps increasing it then…

Laurifer, Eva: Yes, it’s a bit greenish, and purposefully so. Partly because I wanted to spare myself the trouble of trying to make realistic skin material, and partly because I thought the greenish color made for a better overall image color balance.

Strategoi : I see your point. Maybe it would be better if the fingers were visibly separated from the rest if the hand by a mechanical joint or something.

/ Mattias