WC #104 Atlantean Temple

I just started this like 30 minutes ago, and i was wondering if my water looked realistic enough and it my columns were modelled right.




That object in the first picture is the constraint i am using for the camera.
I plan to add some kind of stair way leading up to the temple, a greek style roof, and maybe and atlantean god in the back of the temple with some artifacts on the sides of the temple.

please i need some critisicm here pls. I’ve added a base and some stairs and also added a broken column since it is a ruined temple.

Here are updated pics.

please give me your views on my work.

Hey, looks pretty good. Well some more underwater type stuff would help: a bit of volumetric light, use mist to simulate not being able to see very far under water, have bits of detritus floating in the water, have a caustic pattern on the ocean floor if your ruin is near the surface.



What can I say, I don’t see any water, just a blue background. The broken column is too cleanly cut, there should be bits and pieces laying around. And you’re not going to leave the top part floating like that right? Once you decide what camera angle to use you might want to space the columns futher apart so you can see between them. Add a nice sandy seafloor and just try to get everything to look old and dirty. The whole structure could be sunken into the sand a bit and leaning to one side. Keep it up, once this is all textured and lit correctly it’s going to look nice.

Eva: i have mist on but im not very used to it. plus i have no idea how to volumetric lighting so once i learn that it will look more like water.

I am planning on adding a Greek temple type roof as my next step.
Thank you block01cube and Eva for your replys.

Ok ive done the roof spaced the columns made the actual base longer and wider and Ive even added some volumetric lighting thx to the help of block01cube (he gave me the info on how to do it).

well heres the new pic:

I still have to do the god’s throne and the god itself (still conteplating on doing him or not), the ocean floor, some artifacts and texturing, so im a ways away from completion.

Looking good! Keep going!



Thank you block01cube. Heres my newest picture. not much but i did it in a few minutes.

I added the Throne and ive also added some type of symbol up at inside the indention in the roof. It my version of this atlantean god’s symbol. its some kinda crescent and the tridant.

This is all for tonight I do more in the morning.

Good work. I think there are enough helpful comments about the water/volumetric effect for you to play with. In addition (in case you don’t already know of it) this should be very helpful:

I do think the base and stairs would look much better with some beveled edges.

Best of luck


How do I create beveled edges?

Should I model a god to sit in the chair or leave it empty?

edit mode> w key> bevel

Thank you Jack000. Ill post a picture with all the edges beveled.

Heres the scene with the beveled edges

Next on the list is the ocean floor and some random stuff on the ocean floor.

I added the ocean floor and i tilted the structure in the dirt.

I also added remains of a larger structure behind the temple.


I am now gonna do some reef things or something.

So far it’s very good, continue right there. One thing I can point, even if it’s because you didn’t started to seriousely work on it is the environement light. I mean you’r underwather, so you need to feel like underwather. In this , pp at Pixar already did some research and gave us the realy good finding nemo, So what we need to remenber from this movie is:
-halo following caustic(easily faked in blender.)
-Caustic projected from the srface (usualy a sport with some texture. very easy with soft vorony texture, and maybe cloud to give the light power variation.
-in a tree point light context. you got 2 blue lamp and one white spot.
-Floating particle in from of the camera…

Here is an exemple.:

It just idea i’m trowing to you.

Ok i added some rocks to the enviroment and another object the temple.


Ill take what you said Gabio into consideration but I doubt ill be able to do those things because i have no idea what that all means.

Ok i farked up and forgot to save so all the rocks and the giant goblet in the middle of the room will have to re-done. this kinda sucks. Ive also noticed my spot light rings are visible so i will make them bigger.

Ok i re did everything I lost and while working on the lighting i accidently deleted a light and forgot about so when i rendered it i came up with this


I think i like it better but if you dont think so pls tell me

Just take a look then, this is a underwater test i did to find good looking environement. So far i’m not pleased with the particle but it’s ok.
The blend
take a close look to the way i’m doing ray of light. also the way i project caustic on the ground.

I tried what you had done but it just wasnt as good. I have a ways to go before i get good at lighting. This is what my version looks like.


I think this is my final version unless no one has any comments for me.

Where do submit my entry?? please this is my first WC!