WC 104 Atlantis - Hidden Corridors (final update pg2)

This is my work for the WC “Mysteries of Atlantis”

Most of this work is ad lib, without any sketches etc, so I don’t really have a target. Any suggestions’d go well =P

I originally started off with quite cylindrical supports, but they ended up not being the look I was going for, and for me, angular things are usually associated with technology =) The lighting’s temporary (of course) and I think the main lighting will be from candles and from lighting coming from windows (either ceiling or side windows) and those will be volumetric.

Newer WIP down the page

Critiques and suggestions please? Only got 2 days =P

Looks like a good start to me.
Are the edges beveled?

Thanx =)
The edges aren’t bevelled at the moment, simply for the fact of rendertime. When it gets to final they’ll be bevelled of course. Right now trying to focus on the design of the place…

Put tiles on the floor. The proper kind of tile will give this an impressive look.

Update, after doing this on and off (watching “Yes Minister” on UK TV =P) I’ve gotten to this stage.
I’m going to add a streaming volumetric light from the windows on the right, and in final I’m probably going to have to tone down the alpha of the candles of the left (I think they unbalance the image somewhat from the angle I’m rendering)

Newer WIP below

Crits and suggestions?

Newer WIP down the page


Comes along very nicely, though I do think that the noise is way too strong.


Ok, done quite a lot this time. Added the end part of the hall and the concave part of the steps, and also started on the door (not sure if that’s final design)
Anyway, here it is

Newer WIP below

blade - Yep, noise was getting very strong, thanx for pointing it out =P Didn’t notice it cuz I was working with the image so frequently. That’s my “Preview” render settings, only takes like 20 seconds to render the whole image (and that still seems an eternity lol)

Update -
Newer WIP down/over the page

The volumetric light effect is very nice, as is the glow of the candles. There’s nothing wrong with the image as it is, but there’s no focus to it, and the whole room seems a bit plain, the textures are all too similar.

The modelling is fine, but I’d suggest having the corridor at the end of the room leading off further, and put a light source at the start, so we can just see it fading to darkness. Currently it looks like it just stops dead.

I’d suggest adding some interesting object of focus in the centre of the room.

Cool architecture… is the noise a result of raytracing or compression? :expressionless:
I think unicorn’s right about it not looking quite “Atlantissy” yet… is this place meant to be underwater?

Looks really cool so far. Looking forward to updates.

The image looks very good. But I hadn’t thought of Atlantis if I hadn’t read the title.

Hey, thanx =) Gotta finish this off today sigh Not too pleased with it tho =)

unicorn - Quite correct about the focus, got to add some other objects in there. Just a note, at the moment I have no textures at all (apart from the candles/candle stands)
About the corridor, quite right, need to work on that still.

I__ - Noise is a result of low amb occ levels =) I’m the kind of guy who sits there getting really agitated at high render times. And about being underwater, not quite sure yet… lol… I was getting some pretty good mist settings results, and I could always say it was Greek Fire (burnt underwater, nasty stuff lol) http://www.greece.org/Romiosini/greek_fire.html
But I actually think I may set this before the sinking of Atlantis.

mr_bomb - thanx =)

Usagi - Thanks. Yeah, still thinking…

Update -
Newer WIP over page

I’ve added a table in the centre… Not sure if that’s permanent, but I have to fill it out with something. I also cleaned up the area behind the door, does that look better?

I’m going to begin work on materials/texturing now.

Excellent lighting, and atmosphere!
I get a feeing there needs to be something on that table…

Best of luck


Yet another update =)

Newer WIP below

Added some banners at the back, worked on the doorway, general fill and of course materials and textures. Need to work on windows, put something on the table, etc


YAU (Yet Another Update)
Newer WIP down the page

I’m pretty happy with it =) Sure, it would have been better if I’d done actually planned something from the start, but for going ad lib I’m happy. It at least made me do something this weekend =)

Not sure if the stuff on the table really fits… May go back and remake/edit those. I also need to add some insignia to the banners I think…

When I get to final (which shouldn’t be way too far away from now) I’ll throw all the settings to high spec (you may not be able to notice them, but in conjunction with the spotlight in the windows I added an area light, which atm has low samples for rendertime.

Midnight now so I’m going to bed (12:13 actually lol)
Crits/comments/suggestions (geez am I getting sick of saying that lol)[/b]

Wow, that looks great. I realy like the light coming through the windows like that…2 thumbs up.


Very niiiiiiice… :slight_smile:
The architecture is unconventional but I don’t think it’s sufficient to make it atlantean. I think you still need a subject/topic to this otherwise very great pic!