WC #105 Color Lights

Shouldn’t Blender combine color lights to make white?
When I used 3 spot lights each a primary color the middle did not turn out white but black.


Is this idea not going to work?

I believe I once read that Blender didn’t mix colored lights. If you can’t make it work directly, you can always use tricks to achieve your goal.

Here’s what I got when I had red, green, and blue spotlights set up:


arent red green blue the primary additive colors, and cyan magenta and yellow the primary subtractive colors?

in any event, it did kinda create white, but all three lights have to overlap each other, like this:


Its three lights, R G and B, which when you combine two, create the complimentary colors C M and Y, and RGB together make white.

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My picture’s bigger :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh i ok i guess yellow isnt a primary and thats what is causing my problem.

Light basic colors: Red, green, blue
Paint, materials (everything else) basic colors: Magenta, Yellow, Cyan

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Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Violet, and Green make some white in the middle, here’s mine.