WC 106 - Magrittesque

this is not a bowler hat:


c&c wellcome

Nice, except the cloud texture on the hat doesn’t match that of the sky. Try this, on the hat, enable “env”.

On render settings, select “sky”

Hit render - then the hat is invisble and shows the sky.


How very odd. I like it. I look foward to the final result.

thnx for the c&c … but I didn’t find the sky in render settings or the env in the material setting.

shul: how did you do the cloth?

Really nice!

Where is my pipe? I’m sure I saw it…

well I do not know what this is about but your compositon looks interesting.

BTW cloth creases looks great. If it is supported by the above bar then you need to adjust it at top other wise keep working :wink:

Thanks all,
varuag: I didn’t really understand your question… (assuming the bar is supporting it) - wouldn’t it be possible for a cloth to hang that way?)

jazzroy: Thanks! The pipe is there as well :-)…

Jay Eff: try subdividing fractal on a subdivided plane :wink:

anogarlr: it’s done, unless I’ll change it due to C&C… if you don’t know what this picture is about , google for magritte

Great cloth, strong image. Nice work shul.