WC #106: The Impossible: "Fusion of man and light"

Most here would agree that is impossible to become one with light, you are not alone as I do too.


For the texture on the hand i combined loads of procedurals with new ramp shaders (THANK YOU Ton… I envy your coding skills… would you mind trying on my brainscanner?)

Here is a desktop sized render (1280x1024):

Once again, amazing job :smiley: I love the texturing job on this :wink:

It’s very nice!!!

The hand and the background is very nice, but Idon’t understant those spirals, or circles or whatever they are.

:slight_smile: Thanks for the support :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: good observation… :slight_smile:

The idea of the image is that the more you read into it the less you understand it… thus making it impossible to understand :wink:

Excellent use of the new material options, and very imaginatively conceived!

Best of luck in the wc! I hope you get a bunch of votes for this :slight_smile:


Thanks RobertT…

good luck to you as well… :slight_smile:

Amazing texturing, BlackMage! What options did you use for the ramps´ inputs? Could we take a look at the Blend? I´d love to feature the image and a short how-to on my site, if that´s ok with you.

Sure thing!! just let me boot up my lappy and i’ll upload the .blend