WC#107:: Hanged gardens of Babylon :: Archimedes screw::

Well as the creator of the “screw” thread I felt comitted, so as a theme for my WC project I choosed the Archimedes screw, a method to irrigation archiologist say was used in the hanged garden.

C&C’s are wellcome
thanks in advance @ner

jawohl - thick screw for a tight garden …

bless archimedes

I wouldn’t like to drink that water :slight_smile:

wouldn’t the screw have to fill the entire aquaduct in order to pull water up? otherwise the water would just flow down past the screw, wouldn’t it?

->tedi: :slight_smile: lol

->Jedi Dawn: me niether… though I don’t think that in babylon 50 BC that would have been an issue.

->iO iO: tell you the truth… I havn’t got the slightest idea. :slight_smile: I probably made a physical mistake in this pic (not to say archiological).

btw I’ve made some changes to the pic… but you’ll have to click the link as I was too lazy to update the thumbnail.

Yes, its supposed to fill the whole aquaduct, as other wise the water would just simply fall down the duct. The whole point is that screw pulls the water up, by screwing motions. IMO anyway. Not exactly an engineer.

And its neat picture, a bit simplish but neat.

Well, Archimedes lived more than 300 years after the hanging gardens were built …
Anyway, this is very good picture especially in terms of textures and lighting. Good luck in the WC! :smiley:

Nice render @ner. I really like the stone work you have made here.


Yes like the others said, it has to fill up the whole aqueduct… but it looks good anyways.
Oh and if you want to be an engineer, just add some bolts to it, lol :wink:

well I’ve listened to youre advices and made a last version. I wanted to add plant on the higher terrase but it took too much time to render (in my standarts). The pic is in the smae link. I know the screw can use subsurfing it’s just that I’m very bussy and have no time for this.

thanks in advance

looks good i am envious - you will get far in the competion!

Very nice, I like it. I dislike the triangles though…I just don’t think they fit. Everything else its very nice though. I think you could use a small amount of work on your textures, but they are very nice :smiley:

cool @ner! but i think u should subsurf the screw, as i can see the part things :stuck_out_tongue:

Great work on the walls, good detail,
but the screw is screwd up :wink: . Well actually the texturing on it is good too but shouldn’t the screw discs be more slanted and possibly attached in spiral. So that on rotation of the screw, the water moves upwards. I said that as they looked like plain discs appended parallel.

Say what ever I really loved the wall, and your attention to detail on it.

Great work!! :slight_smile:


ok last update…
I’ve added the plants… and subsurfed the screw…