WC 108 - Viking Funeral - 2nd render added

Here be my entry image…
And here be an earlier render of the burning longship (gratuitous abuse of Robertt’s fire)…
Enjoy !

EDIT : I was in a hurry and forgot to say, the background is Terragen and the longship is a bashed-up version of one I made about 2 weeks ago.

That is a really cool scene.
I love the burning boat…and the texturing.

This could be a scene is a really good animation.


i really like it. especially that smoke. the fire looks like it has huge flames in some places but its really good. i would like to know how you did the fire and smoke? =) i really like the background also.

nice! is that terragen background?

you are all missing the fact that it isn’t a viking funeral but rather a raded village of babarians of the south. Viking funerals weren’t like that. I viking was buried in his ship and the whole ship was buried with all of the vikings belongings including slaves which were buried alive. They weren’t set on fire!

I love the entry and everything that can be said has been said already! :wink:

Caleb72 : Thanks ! It’s a bit slow to animate though, and I have other things to work on.
Mark62756 : Search for “Fire” with author “Robertt”, there’s a .blend available.
@ner : Yep, it’s Terragen (again). One day I’ll work out how to do landscapes in Blender…
Prince : What ? NOT set on fire ? That’s like saying they didn’t have horns on their helmets ! Everyone knows they did ! :stuck_out_tongue:
Seriously though, I thought they did burn them (sometimes). Never heard of them burying slaves with them… didn’t think they had any slaves !

nice scene, but my main problem with this one comes from the bonfire: it shoudl cause those boulders to cause some shadows.

Throw a lamp or two with shadow only option turned on in the fire and that should do it.

But alas, nice. There is not too many nice outdoor scene like this hanging around.

that is how i was taught whether it is true or not you’ll have to decide for your self but any history book will tell you that. It is achialogist only means of determining how they lived as most settlements were destroyed and only the many burried boats were left! :wink:

Hippie : In bright sunlight I think it would take a huge bonfire to cast any shadows. Should’ve tried a night render…
Prince : Some google searching leads me to believe they burned AND buried their ships - and in some cases, both ! Crazy old Norsemen !

oh okay i had only heard they buried them!

I like it. I don’t give a rat’s ass what they did for burials. Keep it up.

it looks like it could a strategy game :slight_smile:

Looks good, i like the detail, but the render has quit a bit of contrast.

Try make the colors a bit deeper/darker, may get a bit more realism out of it.

Good job though

Yep, I agree it looks like a strategy game, probably needs more work on little details and lighting, and colours like Caderack9 says. Can’t be having with all that though, want to move on.
stephen2002 requested a render with …vikings… in place of rocks, so here they are !