WC #108:Vikings "Skål"

Here’s my entery for the weekend challenge, I named it “skål”, for pretty obvious reasons :wink:


Now, I kinda have grown to this scene, so I am gonna keep working with it. My sturdy viking warrior is going to have better body and arms and legs and helmet.

The viking’s arms aren’t muscular enough, and his fingers are too long. I like the overall scene though, especially the goblet.

d_m 8)

well you could just have read my whole message, even the part under the pic :wink:

this is one of the best pics I have seen… the hand and shoulder may be a bit odd but the composition, overall feel, and attitude of the scene really kick the lamas ass! You have my vote and I haven’t even looked at the competition!

Really? Searh for X-Warrior, @ndy, Robertt, @ner, or Landis in the Finished Projects section, and you may think differently (No offense, Hippie.) :wink:

named before @ndy, robert, @ner and landis??? oh well…I shouldn’t be listed with the above…why didn’t you just add: madcow, dittohead and alltaken? they’re all better than me…


great pic hippie, I think you already mentionned the flaws, too long fingers, shoulder is a bit strange too. but overall is real nice. the goblet is awesome :smiley:

Darn it! I spend hours making an anatomically correct skull for this contest, then you go and make a better one! Grrrr! :smiley:

Nice work! I like it.

hey i really like this, and i have no crits for the modeling / texturing, but the way it is presented.
i think you could really have a good chance at winning this one so this is what i would do to improve it if it were mine.
#1 I would make the picture straight as much as i know you like the side angle veiw.
#2 I would turn the glass around to show the face more, it is really great modeling i would show it off.
#3 bring the camera down to show more of the face, like at an up angle.
#4 I would reduce the size of the your written signature and title, again I know this is something that you like to do, but i think it might take up too much of the picture.

You have done a great modeling and texturing job, and would hate to see you do poorly in the wc due to simple things such as how the work is presented, and what angle the final render is done in. Good luck to you, from what I have seen it is between you and Jay Eff.

thats bullsh## dude, you work hard on something, you post it, someone says something really nice about it, and in the very next post someone has to knock it down, thats not cool at all

great work hippie

lemmy: Just so you know… I try and vote every week. I usually drool over the works of those artists you have pointed out and some of the others as well. This pick really just grabbed me, I love it! I will of course check the competition before voting but as long as this scene keeps the same feel, it’s got my vote! It’s a great piece of art!

Excellent work Hippie! I agree with X-WARRIOR: the goblet rocks :slight_smile:


Thanks guys :smiley:

wu: Well, what comes to camera angles, that one is pretty carefully tought of, just to prevent you all seeing what the scene actually is missing. and believe you me, it is missing alot, like he has no no hand on the other arm.

Lemmy: shh, don’t tell choice3d that. Robertt, @ndy and landis are our little secret weapon. Has anyone seen Landis lately, btw?

X-warrior: thank you

plexersheep: Skull is actually quite old model of mine. Never shown in public. But while I was tweaking it I considered making all together new one, it had so much flaws. But I managed to come thru with it.

Robertt: And thank you.

Anyway, I’ll drop some renders from that goblet, just for your pleasure.

Skål for Hippie! Nice pic. :smiley:


(p.s. in case you didn’t know, “skål” means “Cheers,” more or less. The word for skull is “hodeskalle.”)

Well, it means that today, but what I know, is that the word had the meaning of my image in more darker days :wink:

Play around with pronouncing of words “skalle” and “skåll”. you’ll see the connection.

If its going to have a better legs, arms, body, and helmet, you just named the hole scene,

Blah its ugly man, gl fixing it!

Okay!..how about their meanings, too:

skalle (skah’ leh) = skull

skål (skoal) = bowl (like cereal bowl or salad bowl or…punch bowl)

Compared side by side like this, it’s very easy to see how someone unfamiliar with the language could misinterpret the two words as being the same word, thereby giving rise to the myth portrayed in your image (which is still very cool, anyway :smiley: ).

Oh, well. I say again: Skål for Hippie! 8)