WC #109 - a japanese garden updated

Hi all,
What do you think of this (please - only constructive c&c) :


Nothing much to comment on yet but that sand looks a bit green to me and that wood could use a better texture too (if it allready has one :wink: ) and that water isn’t very realistic looking either imo it looks to 3d-ish to me if you get my point :wink:

Well… at least the pebbles look ok…

hmm, the sand bump map is very obviously a repeating texture… maybe you could add more randomness to it so it doesn’t look like tiles?

maybe you could add more randomness to it

Any tips on how ?

Okay these are the major points:
Water: The water is way too blue, and this give it a very fake look. It would possibly work if the water were really deep, but my suggestion is to get a skymap, and then add some sand under the water a few units down so that it isn’t so blue.
Sand: Instead of an image bump map, use a cloud texture, and turn the size to 5 for x,y, and z. Then set it to modify the nor, no color.
Wood: Doesn’t look right, find a good wood texture. Google.

Nice start. It needs some work, namely in materials and textures, which has already been outlined, and also in giving it a bit of a subject, which it is rather lacking. Nice start.

Thanks for the input - I don’t have that much time on my hands, see top post for my latest attempt.

Jay- I agree, the sand and water doesn’t look too good, but I don’t have the time to tweak them… if I will, I’ll try seeing what I can do.