WC 110 Celtic shield earings.

Well, I’m trying to figure out texturing, and not having much luck. :expressionless: Here is my submition for WC 110. IMO the weakest part of the image is the textures. The reflection on the earings is to high, and they dont look like silver (I wanted them to). Also, the wood is pretty low res. If there are any good tuts on making materials I’d love to get links.

C&C welcome.

Hi SpindleRift :slight_smile: I like what you’ve done here. Textures can always be tweaked or swapped out for better ones, so don’t worry to much about that. I appreciate what you’ve done here with the modelling. Very nice Celtic designs!

Now just a passing observation: with the book as a scale reference for what may be judged as the size of the earrings, the earrings can either be perceived as big (which is fine because I’ve seen such things on people) or the book is rather small (which is fine too because I used to own several very small books, one being a miniature Latin dictionary :)). One way to possibly resolve ambiguities regarding scale in a scene is the presence of another object yet, which sometimes helps the viewer.

Best of luck in the WC!


There’s a tutorial on this site that shows how you can make shiny material on shiny objects like chrome, check that out, or give a high retraced reflection with a bit of refraction and some fresnal.

OSA is a little low, but besides that it’s good!

Robertt, Thanks for the compliments and suggestions. Your right about the size difference. I’m planning on doing more work with the book cover and matterials in this piece, perhaps expanding the scene to the top of a dresser with more celtic style jewlry. I’ll definitely make the book bigger.

Kansas, thanks. I’ll see if I can find it. If you happen to have a little more percise directions on where it is I’d appreciate it… this site after all is HUGE!

R2Blend, OSA was at 16. Is there a way to get more?

There’s a button called tutorials, click it and it’s the first one

Actually, the chrome material tutorial on Elysiun is a bit outdated, and involves a heck of a lot more work than is needed. What is important with silver is to make sure your material isn’t too hard else you’ll get hard little specular highlights which looks like plastic or the like. You want large, diffused specs, but not overwhelming. You also don’t want too much fresnel, as that also makes it look plastic, or perhaps painted, like a car. A cloud texture subtly affecting the color is also useful, as it makes it look a bit less sterile. Silver also often has a bit of a goldish sheen to it in reflections and specular highlights - that can really help, but make it subtle or it will look weird and perhaps gold. Anyhow. Keep it up. If you want more info on materials let me know.

And the diffuse reflection (refl slider) should be turned down for silver and other metal materials to give the reflection a better chance to unfold. :wink:

IMHO, I think a texture more like Pewter might look better. Something not as shiney or bright, but a more dull grey tone to it. But then again it may be just my bias based on the “quality” of celtic jewlery in my area.

Look’s good, simple!

i just don’t like the reflection from the book in the earing!


I love the awkward construction of the earings - like they were made by hand. You could probably have made them very perfectly machined looking and they wouldn’t have had the same charm.

I really don’t like the reflection of the book on the earings - it’s too much when the surface looks almost purposefully dull.

Nice stuff.


actually, you don’t really need for it to be that much work, I once made a good looking env. map by simply using a cube inside an UV sphere.

I’ve decided to put an hour or 2 a day into textures. I’m pleased with the improvements, though I think the earings could have a little more reflection. The book still needs work though I like the pages better on this one. Thanks Everyone for the suggestions, especially anogarlr. Your directions worked splendidly. Just a few more adjustments.


thanks Caleb and Warch for the compliments. I agree about the reflections. It was the first thing I fixed, though I may have gone to far. It was modeled fairly messy (few wriggles here and there) to make it look hand crafted.

Man, that really is some big time improvement. Good work :slight_smile:

i like it alot man very unique good work can i barrow that floor texture from you?

I got the texture from the photorealistic texture package on this webpage.

Its a package that has alot of great textures. Some are not as high res as would be nice, but their good none the less.