WC #110 Designer Dress.

Hello all.
Here is my entry for WC #110 so far.

Which do you think is better?
C&C Greatly Appreciated.

Of the choices, for the overall scene I’d have to say blue, as the black blends too much with the dress. However the blue itself is kind of difficult on the eyes, especially with that texture. I think going with a light pastel type color for the wall, something kind of flat might look good. Right now both of the options look rather… like rough plastic than paint.

is this place selling toilet seats? why is the post below the floor?

To be frank, your textures are quite overdone and ugly. The colours are also much too bright and clash with each other. Tone it down a bit. :wink:

The woman/dress looks good except for the bulkiness in the arms and breast area.

ya sorry man it all looks pretty bad! :frowning:

the ref and spec on everything is too much and not alot of modeling seems to be done as most of it was jsut duplicated - and what are those things int eh shelves suppose to be? - shirts? if so that clashes with the idea that this is a designer store seeing as most designer stores don’t carry stock shirts under the counter! anway i like teh black better although the blue makes it stick out more! give another update soon! :wink:

Thank you for the C&C everyone.
Ok update.
I changed a lot.

Does it look a lot better now?

looks better, but i’d still go for a lighter colour on the walls.

make the hanging dresses a bit wrinkled and transparent… and try a gray on the walls… I think that would be cool

I warn you, I will be blunt. The dress material sucks. It totally ruins what I think is a good model, but cannot tell because of that awful material. Reflections on it are bad for it. The black walls, they make this piece suck because there isn’t enough contrast. Please fix that, or this entry will have no chance against some of the better ones.

ok dont know if any one said but i gave up reading what you wrote half way down i aint got much time right now. on her neck it seem to be missing a face i dont know if its me but it looks like it but overall yea nice i agree with what most of u said i didnt read the other half lol:P. bye.

all i can say is turn the norm values on the walls way down…