WC #110 Finished-

took about an hour or two to render, and now it’s all finished :slight_smile:
“If it doesn’t get all over the place, it doesn’t belong in your face” -Carl’s Jr.
fairly straight forward: “What People Wear”
Good Version1
[Crappy Version1[/img]
[Good Version2/url
[url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v91/DMBadCat/flamingmentalburgers.jpg]Crappy Version2

To see the finished product, click on the following link:

All I can say is that it looks wonderful. I don’t get how this applies to the theme though…

well, for those of you who have seen the Carl’s jr. commercials… you’ll get the quot I put in :slight_smile:

I’m rerendering the image now-

PS How much time do we have left? It’s 1:20 P.M. on the 1st, sunday here… I’ve looked at the time zones and stuff… and I’m just all confused… HELP!

I think sometime Monday afternoon is when they are due. By your time, I am guessing you live on the west coast of the US? I am in Illinois, 2 hours ahead of you. :slight_smile: I turn mine in on Monday usually.

I live in Tucson Arizona

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 2 august 2004.

what does the -5 mean? BAH!

sorry, I’m just freaking out… I thought it was due in 30 minutes :expressionless:
(being that my picture is only 1/3 rendered :stuck_out_tongue: )

Arizona is in GMT-7 so its 2 hrs earlier where you are.

2100=9PM so 7PM for you.

7 pm tomorrow… holy crud… :expressionless:

GMT is base time (0), so -4 is Eastern, -5 is Central, -6 is “Mountain” (I think that is what is called), and -7 is Pacific. That means that whatever the time is given in GMT, you take it plus/minus the value of you timezone (-7).

ok, thank you :slight_smile:

my picture is halfway done rendering… should be up in .5 hours to an hour

ok, all rendered, I think I’ll make one last render later on after I add some things…

ok it looks a bit jaged from my view dont know if its the pic or my eyes . looks wonderfull tho. ps. btw what is the theme?

Theme is “Things People Wear”

Hey DMBadCat! Did you turn on “osa” in the render settings?!?!?!?!?

You need to turn that on to make everthing look smooth.

2 things, smooth paper, and max size for a WC render is smaller(i forgot exact)

I don’t understand you guys sometimes. Instead of giving real pointers to help someone, you all go into a automatic back patting mode. This is a situation where you have to be a little harsh. I’ve seen better on a Amiga 500 that rendered under 2 hours. This is just unacceptable. I don’t know why this scene is taking 2 hours to render??? Are you using millions of polygons on objects who’s details you’ll never see? Are you using 50 raytracing area lights or something? Looking at the quality of this scene, it should render in a matter of milliseconds on modern hardware.

I have about 5-7 raytracing lights… and the table has 2 layers of raytracing… if I turn on osa… I won’t see it finish rendering for a week!
(however, that is only true with this image for some reason… I’ll fix it up in photoshop)

thanks for the comments and crits, all will be fixed!

listen this is a competition - you have to figure out what to do on your own! we only judge which is better! :wink:

don’t expect us to give you ideas - that could cost us the competition! :frowning:

note: although this is a friendly competition it is still a competition none the less. :stuck_out_tongue:

also - i know you didn’t steel my idea but the originality factor isn’t there for yours anymore and so i can’t exactly give you any real pointers other than what has already been said! :wink:

? you’re saying I’m not original?
well, I just remembered some random phrases of people wearing food and I just thought it’d be kinda neat to make that… well anyway… till tomorrow fellow blenderheads!

I didn’t read the title, so I’m sorry that I replied to a compitition post. But I’m won’t back down on the issue. The fundemental question is: Why is there an Elysiun? Not to show off. It’s to learn and improve our skills as a community. Now, the compition is not a real compition because you don’t win anything. First placing isn’t a prize, it’s just a symbolism of someone having done the best work. With the principles of Elysiun in mind, I tried to give a newbie a few pointers. We should stimulate. Otherwise, what is the point in competing if you know that people like @ndy, Endi, S68, [email protected], RObertt, @ner and so on and so on are going to win anyway. I don’t see nothing wrong in helping a newbie out during a contest with some widely available general knowledge and principle. It was intended as a push in the right direction.

omg lolzorz i r such @ newb ¶:þ
well thank you EVERYONE! Everyone’s comments are constructive right now (let’s hope they stay that way) just don’t start a flame war!
I thank each and every one of you for your support :slight_smile: it really helps, and tomorrow, I think it will look a bit better :slight_smile: again, thanks :smiley: