WC 110 help...

Ok, so aside from the fact that trying to model clothing is causing me actual physical pain, please give me some tips on both lighting and the wall color. I like the red walls, but there is just too much red in this image…


you could cut back the red if the wood had a chestnut or pine stain, instead of the reddish (cherry?) stain.

Okay, first I hope that you are not doing this because I am doing a hero costume. :stuck_out_tongue: lol

  1. Cloth is paper thin, make it have thickness.
  2. Wood texture needs a lot of work.
  3. Red should never be used when painting a room because it is know to invoke anger.
  4. Do something about the red on the pants. It blurs into the blue area.
  5. Feet are too big on boots as aposed to shoes.

Good start, keep at it and I think this could turn out good. :nods:

Hey. To let you in on a little secret, if I am feeling lazy, or only have a short amount of time (such as a WC) I take the horridly short road and separate all of the parts of my mesh and texture / color them individually. So, if you want easy and good looking textures, you might consider cutting the underwear from the pants once your mesh is done, without moving anything, and just do the material settings separately. Just select the verts in the underwear and hit ‘p’ in edit mode. Easy enough. Anyhow. On the wall color, perhaps a nice creme? Or a pale blue? Even sage? Tan? Something a normal guy would have in his room? I picture Mr. Kent’s room being quite nondescript. A condo. The owner of Mr. Kent’s condo complex is developing an ulcer as we speak, and signing eviction papers. Quick, change the color of the wall to something in the condo agreement before Superman gets evicted and becomes the homeless wonder!

Hey, he wouldn’t be the homeless wonder, he always has the Fortress of Solitude up in the Arctic.

Ah, true, but Mr. Kent would have a hell of a commute then, wouldn’t he? And he couldn’t exactly have Lois over especially easily, and that wouldn’t be any good. (Hey, Lois, wanna come over later? Okay, on the 3rd Tuesday of the month their is a research tanker heading up to my place. I can get you a seat in the cargo hold!)

He can fly! And Lois knows that in some versions of the comic. :nods:

I think that being the man of steel gives him a certain resistance to freezing arctic temperatures while flying faster than a speeding bullet. He’d have a Loisicle by the time he flew her to the Fortress of Solitude. She might as well get strapped to the wing of a jetliner flying through the Arctic.

Eh, Lois is tough. She can take it. And Clark’ll warm her up once they land. :wink:

Ok, here’s the latest render.

Reworked some textures, rebuilt some of the clothing, changed the lighting…

Accidentally lost the boots in the shadows, but will fix that in next render.


Oh - this is MUCH better.
I really love this scene by the way.

Clark Kent’s different outfits on the bed (must be having a shower) is a great idea. The finishing touch for me is the picture of Wonder Woman by the side of the bed. Cute!


heh heh… thanks Caleb!

Ok, so here’s another render with alternate lighting… Any preferences?

Image 1

Alternate lighting

don’t really like the lighting in either but if i had to chose it would be the first. It makes it look like it is coming from the closet and besides it covers up those badly modeled boots. also i didn’t pay attention but in one of the renders the fabrics don’t touch or droop like in reality. Toon shading would add to this render nicely!

heh heh… good point on the boots. It also diminishes the ugliness of that weird ridge I ended up with in the hat.

And hopefully the draping is much better now. In my original render, the legs from the superhero costume were not hanging right.

As for the light, I was thinking more of it being from the bathroom than a closet, but I think I prefer that pic too.

I thought about toon shading, but that’s not really the look I wanted for this scene.

Thanks for your comments!