WC:110 Non Valid Entry - I already have one! :(

Well this can’t participate in the entry but here is something you might wear (i wouldn’t but you might!)

http://img52.exs.cx/img52/8509/makeup1.jpg Just the objects!

http://img52.exs.cx/img52/1605/makeup3.jpg The Fixed Scene!

i doubt that i will update this so that is why i put it here but all C&C are welcome! I have no idea what made me think of this but when i saw all of the jewelery and everything everyone was making i couldn’t help but think of what things people hadn’t thought of yet and so i made this real quick - the actual scene and materials could use some tweeking but i like it for what it is! :wink:

after looking at the second image closely i noticed that the reflections don’t show the cartoon lines - aren’t they going to fix that (draw reflections after lines) in the next release of blender?

Actually, the lines are a post-render process. They’re added after the rest of the image is complete. By fiddling with your edge settings, you might be able to get the reflection edged. I’m not sure, I don’t use the toon settings often.

yes i know that because i used the unified renderer everything is done at the same time but the lines are added last and are only calculated for actual vertex edges. If they wanted to fix it they’de have to render the lines before the reflections but i don’t know how you could do that.

also if you notice the bottle cap is solid and not clear in the reflection! again another obvious problem but again i wouldn’t have the slightest idea how to fix it! anway… :wink:

slight problem, there’s converging lines on top of the lipstick. May be okayed by some people but mostly undesirable.

what do you mean by converging lines? i understand the meaning of the word but where exactly are you talking about - please explain! :-?

It’s basically lines that come in from the edge and join up in the center.

The star lookin’ pattern on the top of the lipstick. I assume you made the lipstick out of a cylinder, and then subsurfed it. Blender has some problems with that. You can sometimes fix it by using the knife midpoints tool on all of the lines to and from the middle vert (just draw a circle) then carefully moving them to the edge. Also, make an edge loop cut on the shaft of the lipstick and move it all the way up to the edge, that an also help. Anyhow. I find it quite frustrating myself.

thanks! ya that is all confusing - if i would have spent more time concerned with it i would have used a circle instead and then created square faces instead of triangular ones but like i said this took only 30 minutes to make and it was just something i did cause no one else had yet! :wink:

Just delete the faces that make the circle and manually make them in quads using shift F.

good tip! thanks! :wink:

You can’t make quads with shift+f; it only does triangles.

oh well thanks! bad tip i guess :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


ayway i can do it pretty quickly anyway with just going in an doing it using f! like i said i could have made it all a lot cooler if i wanted to but i already have a version done so it doesn’t really matter now! i’ll keep it in mind for next time though! :wink:

good tip! thanks! ;)[/quote]
Whoops, I meant just F :expressionless: , select four vertices and press F and presto, a quad

good tip! thanks! ;)[/quote]
Whoops, I meant just F :expressionless: , select four vertices and press F and presto, a quad[/quote]

We all make mistakes. :wink:

good tip! thanks! ;)[/quote]
Whoops, I meant just F :expressionless: , select four vertices and press F and presto, a quad[/quote]

We all make mistakes. ;)[/quote]

ya that isn’t that big of a deal - you should see the mistakes that i have made! :stuck_out_tongue: oh and i already knew that about making faces! but thanks anyway! :wink: