WC 110 WIP: Rolex [Updated again. Done?]

Well, perhaps not what I wear, but there are people. I’m modelling a whole watch, but all I have at the moment is the beginnings of the face and such, no band, etc, but I plan to. Mild post processing in Photoshop for the title and the grain. All textures are procedural, except the text itself, which was done with image textures, created by me. All of the hash marks are not a texture. Here is my start, since someone asked to see a WIP:

Update down page

Looks great. I like the look, and it may become photorealistic if you keep up with this detail. Rolex for sure on your question. It will sound better. :slight_smile:

looks good. You may want to render in yafray to get nice caustics :wink:

The glass should also have very high specular IMO

Well. Small update. I perfer the Rolex texture to the Folex one. Anyhow. I messed with the spec and hard values on the glass, added some details that should be fairly apparent, and of course I added the part of the frame that will hold the band in place.


Comments and criticism would be lovely.

It looks lovely.
Are the knobs a bit big on the side though? They look a bit chunky.

The glass doesn’t quite look right yet. Does it need more hardness or something?


very good work! materials are excellent. the glass could be more shiny/reflecting.

Once more. I’m working on the glass still, it is eluding me. Hm. here is an update:


I hope you can get the glass just right because this really is a great model with some good texturing/materials.

Very nice.


textures are a bit dirty aren’t they? don’t get me wrong - i love it! but if it is a rolex then it shoudl be shiny not grundgy and the silver metal looks more like stone to me! Anway i love it like i said - very nice work! nother redner plz! :wink:

great model anogarir. Lots of care and attention put into the details.

Material color and textures don’t look right at the moment. More shine please.

Great start dude. Materials all look good except for the glass, which is ok, but could use more work.

Okay, of the updates, which do you perfer?




Probably the top one.

Is the only difference the reflection you’ve chosen to put in the glass?
The bottom one, the gold rim around the face looks a bit noisier that the top one.


Actually I neglected to remove the bumpmap from the bottom. I actually perfer the bottom reflection and the top material.

Once more! Here is a bit of a compilation. Do y’all think this falls under open or pure? Everything is blender except the cutting and pasting and text. I think that is certainly “mostly” blender.


I think the texture for the gold is too complicated in both pics.

What’s does your reference image look like?

Keep it simple is my advice - try to get the gold look without using textures to begin with. I would imagine Rolex gold is super-smooth - and so the key settings will be reflection, specularity and mirror. I don’t understand why you’re using a bump map for the gold… maybe its my lack of understanding?? Silver is looking better.

The modelling makes this v good. getting materials right will make it excellent.

I really like this now. It’s great.

I think there is something in what people are saying about the aged look of the materials versus the super smooth Rolex look, but I just like it this way more.


That’s really nice modeling. As has been mentioned, once the materials are sorted, it’ll be excellent.

Good luck,


yes this is pure although i kind of like that untextured version of the rolex better! :smiley:

but the textured one is very nice and i like the reflections you have in the lens - that makes it very real looking! :wink:

i’m a fan!