WC#110 WIP

I happened to have started working on this a few days back and well you wear it techniquelly. It is going to be a powered paraglider for those that dont know what one is, search the dang internet cause I aint gonna link it for ya :stuck_out_tongue: . Anyway work on the cage is almost complete.


No c&c? Oh, well I always new I was perfect lol. Anyway, here is the cage, pretty much done. All I need to add to the cage itself is the motor mounts.


C&C welcome

next step is the seat thing.

wow nice, looks like clay :o

If you are using AO, that is why it looks like clay. Looks good so far.

Thanks and yes I am using AO just cause I am too lazy to set up some lighting, but I will have to set it up soon cause its getting to take a little while to render.

Anyway here is the update. I dont like the seat but Im not sure what needs to be done to it. I havent added the straps from the top part of the center cage to the seat yet because I am taking a break. I didnt remove the net I just forgot it was on a seperate layer and didnt activate that layer before I rendered. OK, enough with the chti chat here it is.


C&C welcome

Minor update with the seatโ€™s top straps, some materials and the startings of a scene.


c&c welcome